Along the banks of the Rillito River  in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, the trail winds through well developed neighborhoods, behind mega malls and through rural farms all within an afternoon walk. The horseshoes were discover partially buried in the shallow sandy banks of the river.
The emotional representation in this work signifies the interactions with experiences in life and how they can mark a person in various degrees of permanence. also speaks to a single event fading or changing affects over time.When lit properly, new shadows are created that feel as if they are permanently marked on the piece. Causing the viewer to question which are permanent and which are temporary.






The idea with this piece is to create a series of shadows, some painted and some created through lighting that reflect the elongated curves of the Horse Shoes. The Horse Shoes were painted, then placed carefully on a canvas wrapped wooden frame. Lighting was placed to cast the first shadow, which were then outlined with pencil. The Horse Shoes were removed and the traced shadows painted in. I then replaced the Shoes to the initial exact position, changed the lighting angles, traced the outline again, removed the Shoes and painted the next series of Shadows. This process was done three total time. Then holes were drilled through the frame, the Shoes were then sewn onto the board using several layers of Microfilament Cord.
Additional Information:
Completed 2015

Part of the "Expanded" Series, 2012-Current.
Dimensions:  14” x 72”  x Depth 2.25”  base and up to 3.5” top of 

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Year: 2015