The artwork and design of Jessica Van Woerkom, incorporates variation in methods of design, material compositions and style.
Her work changes mediums consistently; ranging from oil on canvas, ink on paper, digital collage, sculpture from non-traditional objects to furniture design, larger installation pieces and architectural designs.
Bold contrasting geometries and color compositions are a common theme that run throughout the work; each with an attention a tactile or visual texture in which to imply a sense of time and aging.


Born in the mountains of Colorado, Van Woerkom developed a love of materials, color and form at a young age. As a child, fort building and "make believe" constructions were more her forte than video games or television. At the age of 19, she moved to Seattle, Washington and began former training as an artist. Attending workshops, lectures and volunteering her time with a local established artist to trade for "under the table" training at Cornish College of the Arts.

At the age of 25, Van Woerkom moved to Tucson, Arizona and shortly after began her training as an Architect at the University of Arizona, College of Architecture. She completed her training in 2005 with a bachelors Degree in Architecture.

With more than 10 years experience in the field of Architecture, she opened VanWoerkomStudios and currently works as principal designer for her company. In 2009, she founded and directed "PLAY", a non-profit gallery, boutique and performance venue, located in Tucson Arizona, which aimed to support emerging and established artists of all mediums and worked towards establishing a thriving downtown community. Jessica’s background in Architecture, Planning, design, and project management brought an important element of organization and professionalism to the project of PLAY. As well as her strong desire to have fun with life and to become an active empowering force within the community that brings support and encouragement to people on an individual level.

In 2012, Jessica began working with discarded materials retrieved from various isolated areas in the Southwest. The abundance of "trash" in the wilderness areas astounded her and she began to sift through fields of wasted materials, load them into her pack and carry them back home for further review. The "Reclaimed" series was born. The collection of reclaimed materials has been slowly transformed into a thing to be appreciated again.

Jessica Van Woerkom has sense been actively involved in both disciplines of Art and Architecture and has been branching out into all things creative, including literature and fabrication.